If you are in need of high-quality, world-class bakery, kitchen, and commercial food equipment, then you have come to the right place. BESTERM INTERNATIONAL CORP. a truly “ONE STOP SHOP” company that carries the most complete line of dependable and high quality Bakery, Refrigeration, Food Service Equipment represented by the BESTERM™ Brand and professional quality Sanneng Bake wares.

For your BAKERY needs we supply Mixers, (Planetary and Spiral) Moulders, Sheeters, Rounder/Dividers, Flattener, Proofers, Climator, Ovens (Deck Oven, Convection Oven, Rotary Rack Ovens, Mini Electric Oven) Combi-Steamer, Bread Slicers, Cooking Mixers, Vibrosifter, Bake wares.

For your REFRIGERATION needs we supply Upright Display Chillers and Freezers, Horizontal Display Showcases, Table Top Horizontal Display Chillers, Upright All Glass Display Showcase, Under Counter Stainless Chillers and Freezers, Upright Stainless Chillers and Freezers, Chest Type Freezers, Cold, Ambient and Hot Display Showcases, Ice Cube Makers, Blast Freezers, Salad Table Stainless Chillers, Open Chillers, Island Freezer, COLD ROOM STORAGE

For your Food Service and Processing needs we supply Grillers, Fryers, Electric Bain Marie, Barbeque Grill, Panini Grill , Sandwich Maker, Salamander, Hotdog Roller, Soup Kettle, Siopao (Sweet Bun Steamer, Popcorn Machine and Displayer, Pizza/Pie Warmer, Console Combination Oven, Rotisserie, Chinese Wok Station, Steamer Cabinet, Ice Cream Machine, Block Ice and Cube Ice Shaver Machine, Slush Machines, Juice Dispenser, Ice Slush Blender, Doughnut Maker, Crepe Maker, Soup Kettle, Orange Juicer, Push Carts, Shelving, Cup Sealing Machine, Grinding Machine, Soya Grinding/Separating Machine, Extruders, Bone Saw, Meat Grinder, Meat Slicer, Vegetable Cutters


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