Rotary Rack Oven

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  • Rotary Rack Oven
    HS 100-36G

    Rotary Rack Oven


    • High efficiency, energy saving gas burner
    • Stainless steel chamber walls w/ heat resistant
      glass door permits a clear view of product baking
    • Control flat type with fully automatic alarm and anti
      burst systems.
    • 2 speed fan permits excellent baking of cookies,
      bread, croissants, french bread, etc.
    • Attractive & compact design w/ low noise production

    Technical Specification:

    No. of Layers : 36
    Tray Size, cm : 46 x 66
    Inclusion : 1 rack
    Power : 4.5 hp, 220V, 60hz, 3phase
    Dimension, (LWH)mm : 2660 x 1600 x 2430
    Heating Type : Gas burner (japan)